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Constipation is another very common condition that affects almost everyone at some or the other point in life. It is characterized by restricted bowel movements where sometimes people may experience hard stools and might face the situation to strain too hard on the toilet seat. When anyone face a condition of passing hard stools after an interval of 2-3 days or more, then this is considered as chronic constipation. This chronic constipation might lead to further other health issues like stomach cramps, bloating, heaviness, rectal pain, piles, fissure or fistula. Here we are going to focus on what are the factors that leads to constipation.

Dietary habits:
Food plays an important role to maintain the overall health and metabolism of the body. If we consume food items which are poor in nutrition or are unhealthy like street food, junk food, oily food or excessive spicy food, it might lead to constipation. Therefore, one should always take healthy nutritious diet, rich in fibers and other necessary nutrients. Besides this one should also maintain the adequate water level on daily basis to keep body hydrated and constipation free.

Lazy and sedentary lifestyle:
In today’s scenario everybody is leading a very busy but sedentary lifestyle. The opportunity for regular physical activity seems to be lagging behind. Lack of exercise reduces energy, makes a person lazy slows down metabolism which ultimately leads to constipation. One should always try to take some time out of his busy schedule to get involved into certain physical activities and keep away such conditions.

Medical history:
If a person is going through or had gone through any chronic medical conditions like thyroid and diabetes for which he might have taken or taking any long-term treatment, then such condition might also lead into constipation. It is because some medicines carry digestive complications like bloating, heaviness and constipation as their side effects. In some cases, even a perfectly healthy pregnant woman can also suffer from constipation.

Frequent travel and disturbed sleep:
People who have a habit or necessity of frequent travel might also face constipation because of their disturbed metabolism which gets affected because of long travel history. Incomplete or disturbed sleep patterns also lead to constipation because of disturbed digestive system. So, one should take a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours every night for a better mental and physical health.

Prevention and precautions:
• Take a balanced and fiber rich diet.
• Consume adequate amount of water and keep yourself hydrated.
• Practice healthy habit of consuming warm water as it is considered as one of the best precautions for constipation.
• Some home remedies like Ghee, ginger tea, licorice root and porridge are also beneficial for constipation.
• Involve in physical activities.
• Take a good quality sound sleep.
• Avoid stress.
• Stay active and happy.

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